Justify Your Attendance

Justify Your Attendance

Need help justifying your attendance at Education Buildings Ireland?


You already know why attending Education Buildings Ireland would benefit you but you might need help in persuading your manager or your organisation’s leadership team why it would be time well spent. We’ve put together a sample email text that can be used as a guide to create your own. We hope this is helpful and are already looking forward to seeing you in November.

Need help persuading your superiors? Scroll down and see our Justification email template.

Justification Email Template

Hello [Insert your line manager’s name here]

I’d like to get your approval to attend Education Buildings Ireland in Dublin from 29-30 November 2022. The two-day conference and exhibition brings professionals together across the education sector and learning community. It’s all about discovering ways to transform and refine internal and external learning environments into sustainable and adaptive spaces, from early childhood through to university. It will also be the first opportunity that this community has had to meet and exchange experiences face-to-face. I’m keen to put all that I learn there into practice here at [Insert name of the organisation you work at]

Going to Education Buildings Ireland will allow me to take a step back and focus on the big picture of how I can develop my skills and become better in my role at [Insert name of the organisation you work at]. The event is also CPD-certified so my attendance can form part of my professional development.

Specifically, here’s what I am planning to accomplish at the event:

  • Attending conference sessions covering [Insert the most beneficial ones from the conference programme and mention the speakers and their organisation]
  • Meeting with potential new suppliers including [Insert some of the exhibitors that you are keen to meet with – this link takes you to the exhibitor list to make your choices]
  • Learning from my fellow attendees about their experiences and thinking about ways to bring their learnings back to my day job

When I get back from Education Buildings Ireland I will share my key takeaways with you and the wider team, including the ones we could implement immediately and an action plan for how we can make longer-term goals happen.

Below is a breakdown of approximately how much it will cost for me to attend Education Buildings Ireland:

• Travel: [Insert cost of train fare/petrol/car parking etc]

• Hotel: [Insert cost]

• Event Registration: Complimentary

• TOTAL: [Calculate the cost and add here]

To find out more about Education Buildings Ireland visit: www.educationbuildings.ie

Thank you for taking the time to review this request, and I look forward to talking to you more about it soon.