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Procurement Strategy for School Buildings (Green Procurement)

Public Procurement is an essential element to the ongoing operational management of our primary, second and third level institutions and is a crucial pillar to the successful expansion of our building infrastructure. Bringing together leading voices of professionals in the field of procurement, this session will provide an insight into how procurement is advancing and… Read more »

Climate & Energy

Bringing together, the voices of Student, School Management, Energy Training and Educators, Policy Developers and Implementers. This session will focus on the journey towards zero carbon, energy efficiency design approaches, the potential for schools engaging in a whole school approach to energy, the wider impacts for a school regarding an energy efficiency upgrade, the community… Read more »

Inspiring School Design

Schools must be designed to be used creatively and imaginatively; where learning is not exclusively confined to formal teaching spaces. Learning, social interaction and a sense of belonging come together to form positive attitudes in an inclusive environment.    

Department of Education Delivery Programmes

Introduction and overview of large-scale school building designs being delivered under the Department of Education delivery programmes as part of the commitment under the NDP plan. The speakers and panellists will openly present and discuss school building projects at various delivery stages as part of a wide range of school designs including new and existing… Read more »

Estate Management

Managing your Estate effectively will help save money and ensure you have a healthy, safe and sustainable environment. In this session we will have speakers from Department of Education in the UK (DfE), Atlantic Technological University Donegal, University College Cork and the Health Service Executive (HSE) on how they implement effective estate management and the… Read more »

Inclusive Design Principles for SEN in Schools

Inclusive school designs are developed carefully, in close consultation with stakeholders. Through engagement with teachers, specialists, parents and the pupils themselves – we learn from their experience and expertise. It is our goal to share knowledge from our ongoing work in a range of locations and settings, to help more schools benefit from thoughtful school… Read more »

Why MMC? Why Not?

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) includes many emerging systems and technologies, and whilst they may not be a panacea for the multifarious shortcomings in the construction industry, the opportunities to reduce programme and disruption, improve Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ), and address skills shortages, whilst balancing cost and performance, must not be underestimated. By… Read more »

Inspiring Tertiary Education Spaces

Further and Higher Education Infrastructure and systems must be designed to be inclusive, responsive, accessible and connected to society. Investment in infrastructure should reflect the diversity of the population, take a holistic view of the future, and open pathways to education and lifelong learning through inclusive and inspiring design.