Session 9: Education and the Community

Time: 14:00 - 14:45

Date: 26-March-2020


Maintaining tradition and  embracing innovation- Inner city school 1832 to 2020 and beyond! Gerry Foley, Belvedere College SJ

How does the school building and its location, express the values and mission of a school? Since 1832 Belvedere College SJ has remained in the heart of Dublin city and this was a conscious decision linked to its identity as a Jesuit school. Linking with the local community and being part of it is reflected in the Social justice programme in the school and in the design and use of the buildings.

Delivering Large Scale Changehow the Grangegorman Development Agency is delivering large scale change in Dublin’s north west inner city while gaining and maintaining the trust and ‘buy-in’ of all key stakeholders, in particular the local community. Ger Casey, Chief Executive Officer, Grangegorman Development Agency

The Grangegorman Project involves the social and urban regeneration of a former mental health hospital site in Dublin. The project is driven by the relocation of DIT (now a part of TU Dublin) from 38 disparate locations across the city to one coherent campus at Grangegorman. It also includes significant new healthcare facilities, a primary school, public parkland and playing pitches, student accommodation, a mixed use / science and technology park, and a new network of connecting streets. This September will see a significant landmark with 10,000 new students commencing studies in Grangegorman for the first time.


  • Ger Casey Chief Executive Officer - Grangegorman Development Agency
  • Gerry Foley Headmaster - Belvedere College SJ

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