Session 4: Project Showcases

Time: 15:45 - 16:45

Date: 25-March-2020


West Calder High School – New Building, New Learning: Kevin Cooper, NORR Architecture

The new West Calder High School opened in 2018, based on a radical brief for an innovative client. In this presentation, the client will describe the vision for the new building, the architect will explain the process of its creation and, most importantly, together with the help of some of the young people who’re now using it, the school’s Head Teacher will react to how learning is now being delivered within this ground-breaking new environment. In so doing we will also take time to reflect on the future learning implications of such environments and their connections to wider society.

Modular Matters – Discover the potential of your learning space: Sarah Denton, Portakabin & Greg Maher, Portakabin Ireland

One of the biggest challenges for schools and colleges is delivering improvements to their estate without disrupting students and their learning. With modular solutions, entire buildings can be constructed with minimal impact and on an incredibly tight programme. This presentation will showcase the capability of modular component design and speed of response using high profile case studies and real-time learnings from projects.



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